The Doors

One of the most legendary rockbands of all time is The Doors. Mainly Jim Morrison is a cultural icon of mystique, rock and roll and brilliant music making. The music of the Doors is in our opinion the ultimate mix of pure art with mainstream music that is loved by the masses. Jim Morrison started The Doors in 1965. The music is a form of psychadelic rock ┬áthat mixes very well with the slow, poetic lyrics of Jim Morrison. The band exploded in the 60’s and was a very big part of the hippie culture. Jim Morrison also had a very big sex drugs and rock and roll vibe to himself. He was a very interesting character. He was obsessed by death and cult.

Jim Morrison began as a filmstudent at the Los Angeles filmacademy. This is where he met his fellow student Ray Manzarek with whom he later founded The Doors. The name The Doors came from ‘The Doors of Perception’ which was the title of a book by Aldous Huxley. Aldous Huxley got the idea from a poem.

When the doors got traction and they became very popular the fame caused problems with Morisson. He began drinking a lot and using various drugs and causing problems with the police by becoming an anti-government symbol.

Jim Morisson moved to Paris to stop with music and focus on his writing. Here he died because of a drug overdose while laying in bath.

To this day his music is an inspiration to both rock musicians and sound artists.