Incineration 1993 Daniel Menche

Somatic sound sources , organic materials and tortured electronics were documented, mutated and treated during 1992 and 1993. No samples or musical instruments were used.

Final live mixing and mastering was done at Club Les Girls Studio and Mike Lastras’ Studio, August 9-31, 1992
Engineering assistants: Greg Gallant and Mike Lastra.
Packaging design and printing by Daniel Menche.
Artwork by Erik Stotik. drum samples

Special thanks for those in making this project a reality: Charles Powne, Greg Gallant, Mike Lastra Mike Davis, Jason Fell andJennifer Panzarella.
And my endless gratitude to those few who had faith and helped me with my projects and activity.

This CD recording demands full volume playback, yet caution should be used to avoid audio damage. Playback through headphones or small systems is not recommended.