Social Systems(LP)
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Social Systems
Dossier - ST 7533 (1987) LP

  1. Musicians:
    Geoff Serle - drums, percussion, tapes, voice, radio station, tin can
    Django Bates - Yamaha DX7, Prophet
    Jim Dvorak - trumpet, voice, whistles
    Mark Hewins - guitars, harmonica, micro-composer, voice, piano
    John McCullough - bass


  1.    Side One
  2. Trails To Olympik
  3. Stone Free
  4. River Art
  5.   Side Two
  6. Tough
  7. Rapid Eye Movement
  8. Social Systems

all compositions by Serle/Bates/Dvorak/Hewins/McCullough
except Stone Free by Hendrix
produced by Geoff Serle
engineered by Ben Young, John Hornoff
recorded at Cold Storage, London 1986
front cover photo and concept by Geoff Serle
back cover photo by Ben Young

This album is dedicated to the Jazz Section in Czechoslovakia.

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