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Systems Collusion - SCCD 8002 (1994) CD
includes gatefold insert

Geoff Serle - drum machine, keyboards, percussion, samples, megaphone, metals
Jon Dobie - guitar, saxes, voice
John Edwards - double bass, voice
Dan Maurer - percussion, megaphone, metals
Simon Murrell - electric bass
everyone twirled a whirlytube on 'Papua'


  1. Funkazilla
  2. Eye-Teeth Dub
  3. Rotator
  4. Sapporo-Kan
  5. Metal Beat Heart
  6. Ghost Stations Dub
  7. Papua
  8. So 36
  9. East West Axis
  10. Pankow

all compositions by Serle/Dobie/Edwards/Maurer/Murrell
conceived & produced by Geoff Serle
engineered by Nick Terry
recorded at Chiswick Reach, London
cover art by Carlo Asciutti
layout & design by Geoff Serle

Special thanks to Paul Burwell, Mark Anderson, Alain Bolle, Patrick Bruneel, Frank Vanhyfte, Edith (B.A.C.H.), Sandro Weidmer, Paulo da Senhora, Bernard at the Limba, The Wurzburg Posse, Roger (Bonn), Willem, Sergio Amadori, Steve Feigenbaum, Ultima Thule, Kevin Martin, Dave Ilic, Beppe & Domenico (Rockerilla) & man on the case Trevor Manwaring.

This album is dedicated to the late, great John Stevens.

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