Radio Tek-San
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Radio Tek-San
Dossier - DCD 9101 (2003) CD
includes gatefold insert

Geoff Serle - beats, drum programming, keyboards, sampler
Tim Crowther - guitar on tracks1-4 & 6


  1. Bosphorus
  2. Transmoecularization Dub
  3. Hieroglyphics
  4. Parallel Universe
  5. Mahabuddha
  6. Sensation
  7. Beginning Again

all compositions by Serle/Crowther except 5 & 7 by Serle
produced by Geoff Serle
recorded at First River Studios & the Visionlogic Mobile
artwork by Carlo Lucius Asciutti

the Visionlogic Mobile by Tim Crowther
thanks to The Timbrell for studio assistance

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