Obscured Communications
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Obscured Communications
MP3.com - 71039 (2001) CDR/MP3

Geoff Serle
Graham Timbrell


  1. Activate Nostromus
  2. Automaton
  3. Obscured Communications
  4. Barfly
  5. Mongrel Soop
  6. Off The Beaten Track
  7. Wood Spirits Flying

all compositions by Serle/Timbrell
produced by Geoff Serle & Graham Timbrell
recorded at First River Studios, Kirton, Boston, Lincolnshire, England
artwork by Graham Timbrell

Sleeve Notes:

Mongrel is the result of two very different musical personalities combining to produce a new & unique sound.

Geoff Serle (Sonicphonics & Radius) brings powerful & raw percussive & bass work to the combo. Graham Timbrell thrives on a more melodic approach.

With both musicians pulling in different directions, a certain amount of stress was inevitable, but the ensuing results are groundbreaking.

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