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Noisy - NOISY 003 (2000) CD
includes gatefold insert

Geoff Serle - beats, samples, keyboards, electronics
David Cross - electric violin
Sheila Maloney - keyboards
Maxine Braham - voice
Carlo Lucius Asciutti - voice


  1. Floating (Cross/Serle)
  2. There Is No Peace (Tok-sin remix) (Cross/Serle/Maloney)
  3. The Prairies (Serle)
  4. Ether Dreams (Cross/Serle)
  5. New England In The Fall (Serle)
  6. Ebbs & Flows (Cross)
  7. Casale Valley (Serle)
  8. Civilizations (Cross/Serle)

produced by Geoff Serle & David Cross
recorded at First River, Pathway & Sounds Direct
vocal arrangements recorded at Pathway by Chris Martin
artwork by Carlo Lucius Asciutti
special thanks to Graham Timbrell and Pete Nettleton for services above & beyond the call of duty, Terry Allan Bennett & Darren Bergstein for keeping the faith

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