Reformed Faction is a new band featuring Mark Spybey and Robin Storey

Mark Spybey was born in North Yorkshire, England in 1961.
 Since leaving :zoviet-france: in the late eighties Mark has released fifteen albums as Dead Voices On Air. He’s appeared on over 80 releases in the past twenty years. When the late Michael Karoli, the seminal guitarist, put together a band in the late nineties to celebrate the 30
th anniversary of Can, it was Spybey who he asked to help him. He has made a career out of collaborating extensively with a wide range of musicians, film- makers and visual artists. He was a member of Download and formed Beehatch with Phil Western of Download. Between 1992 and 2000 he lived and worked in Vancouver, Canada and has toured extensively around the world with a variety of collaborators including Karoli and Damo Suzuki of Can, The Legendary Pink Dots, Pigface, Michael Rother of Neu! and Dieter Moebius of Cluster. He’s remixed Neu! and Faust amongst others. His has worked with labels such as Kranky, Nettwerk, Soleilmoon Recordings, Invisible, Spoon, Scratch, Cleopatra, Lens and Tourette Records of Houston Texas. He is currently actively collaborating with Jochen Arbeit of Einstuerzende Neubaten, Robert Hampson of Main, Simon Fisher Turner, Edward Kas-pel, Troum, Origami Replika, Cindytalk and Scanner amongst others on an ambitious series of 7 inch singles to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Dead Voices on Air.

Biography: Robin Storey. Aka Rapoon.

For 30 years now Storey has been releasing music recognised worldwide as innovative and influential. Firstly as a founder member of the groundbreaking and much lauded band Zoviet France and latterly as the solo multimedia artist and collaborator Rapoon.

From 1979-1992 Storey was a co-founder member of Zoviet France and was personally responsible for much of the music and imagery associated with the band during the period that is seen as their most productive and influential.

From 1992 to the present day Storey has released a huge back catalogue of recordings and gained an international reputation as an experimental artist/musician in his own right.

Storey trained as a fine artist from 1973-1977 and gained his degree: BA hons: Fine Art from Sunderland School of Art in 1997. (Despite this being a fine art degree Storey also managed to study and train as an avant garde composer during these years under the tutelage of Dave Pinder, a contemporary modernist composer.
He then trained and eventually taught, as a printmaker and graphic artist at Charlotte press workers co-operative in Newcastle Upon Tyne.(1977-1989)
Graphic art and printmaking were defining elements in the early Zoviet France releases which included hand made sleeves with strong graphic imagery.
From 1979 to 1994 Storey worked as a full-time and freelance audio/visual technician for local AV companies . During this time he learned skills such as rostrum camera work , video editing and slide animation . All of these skills were transported into his own visual work and incorporated into his artistic output.
From 1979- 1994 Storey exhibited his visual work widely and internationally. These included touring exhibitions of the former USSR and the USA.
Post 1994 Storey concentrated on his musical output and has to date released almost 50 solo recordings as Rapoon and numerous other collaborations and side projects including Reformed Faction with Mark Spybey and Hank and Slim with Nigel Ayers.

Other work includes a couple of best selling sound design loop libraries for Sony media and music for soundtracks for a number of independent films including award winning films by Randy Greif "The Three Trials" and "Effaced" by Nadine Shamounki.

In 2003 Storey returned to University and in 2004 attained a Masters Degree in Creative Music technology at Newcastle University.
After attaining his Masters Degree Storey has returned to his visual work and released his first full length DVD in 2005 and continues to paint.

More recently Storey has begun to collaborate again with dancers and has had two productions in 2011 with dancers Johanna Devi and Eva Balzer.
Storey both wrote the music and produced the visuals and video art for these performances which were in London and Berlin.
New film soundtrack work includes “Boring” by Maxim Zaharov. Lunka Film. and music on upcoming short film by David Holmes called “ I am Here”

Reformed Faction feel drawn to create music that honours the process of spontaneous composition, favoured by Can. Using live improvisations as a basis for their music, Reformed Faction cut and paste, in the grand tradition of studio pioneers such as Holger Czukay of Can to create compositions. At the heart of the sound is the use of unconventional sound sources; children’s musical toys, ethnic instruments, homemade gadgets and sound processors. Bagpipe chanters, flutes, stringed instruments, percussive instruments and the effected tones of the human voice are all utilised. Over reliance on the detached and distant excesses of technology creates stagnant and purposeless music. This is visual music; made by the human hand, drawn by breath.

Robin Storey and Mark Spybey are pioneers. Their contribution to the development of the ambient music genre is well noted. The band released their debut cd, “Vota,” on Klanggalerie Records in May of 2006. Their second album, “The War Against…” was released on Soleilmoon Records in September of 2007. They have played live in both Europe and North America and Russia. Their recent releases include a lavishly packaged triple album, entitled “I am the source of light, I am not a mirror,” for Soleilmoon Records in 2009. Their album, “Until,” released by the Italian label Greytone in January of 2010. Brand new Albums on Russian label Indiestate and Hong Kong Label Ultra mail prod are due in early 2012 Soleilmoon will also be releasing a new album in spring 2012 called “The World Awake”and they will also be re-releasing both “The War Against,” and “I am the source of light, I am not a mirror.”

Andy Eardley, who was also a member of :zoviet*france: was part of Reformed Faction until July of 2006. He has now left the project.

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